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Based on screen printing, this business department provides various products by applying these printing methods.

This type of screen printing uses a screen frame to print on paper, metal, fabric and other plastics. All the printings are processed in clean rooms and clean booths to provide better quality products to customers, and also we are adopting a fully automated system, so we will satisfy customers through quality control.

The Window business is divided into: production team 1 which produces depositions of DVD, Stereo Covers, LCD Covers, cell phone covers, production team 2 which produces cameras, paper, and other printing products, and the technical support team which improves on problems during production. We are putting all of our efforts into developing new techniques, new products, and improving quality for customer satisfaction.
- Cell phone LCD covers
- LCD Covers (for DVD players, stereos)
- Inserted products (Cell phone LCD windows, Screens on Electronic Devices)
- Metal Stickers